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Ultra Rare Life

May 10, 2021

Finding your purpose is a topic that I have been hearing so many people discuss lately. So I thought this would be a great podcast on helping you find YOUR purpose.


So many people right now are searching for their purpose that fuels them. I have talked with many who have been in a career ranging from 5 to 10 to 20 years and it has now totally changed from 2020. They don’t love what they do anymore. They don’t have purpose in their jobs anymore. They have lost their sense of purpose in life. 


One thing that I have realized in finding purpose is it is not a one time deal. This is not something where you find your purpose and game over, the rest of your life is just going to fall into place. 


Finding your purpose is an ongoing process throughout your lifetime. Life is going to constantly challenge you and sometimes you will accomplish the purpose you set out for, but then it will be time to set a new one. Or the vision that you had for your purpose isn’t the vision God has for you.


Tune in to this episode of Ultra Rare Life as I cover the 6 steps to finding your purpose. What does that look like and what to expect when you’re finding your purpose. 



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