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Ultra Rare Life

Nov 15, 2021

Hard times, what are some tools to help navigate and manage? In this episode, Elizabeth Benton shares just that. Hard seasons are a part of life. It’s not about trying to always “look at the bright side,” it’s not about convincing yourself that something isn’t bad or isn’t hard. It’s about finding tools to invite additional perspectives. It’s about how there are many different ways of thinking about things and navigating tough times, whether they are micro or life changing hardships. 


Tune into this episode of Ultra Rare Life as I dive in with the beautiful Elizabeth Benton. Elizabeth shares a little bit of her story and her new book Tools for the Trenches. In 2020, when her daughter Passed. Lost and grieving, she searched in vain for anything that might help. But the advice she found felt too out of reach. Too hard to put into practice.


Instead of giving up, she wrote the book she couldn’t find.


No matter what you’re trying to handle—from the most difficult loss to the small, day-to-day grievances that keep us from living our best lives—Tools for the Trenches provides the tools and perspectives you need to transform yourself from the inside out.


Full of exercises you can do immediately, with questions at the end of each chapter to help you apply every tool in your own life, Elizabeth Benton’s Tools for the Trenches is the self-help book that can actually change your life—starting now.

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