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Ultra Rare Life

Dec 21, 2020

Ep. 53 2020 Christmas Giveaway

The month of December, 8 years ago, was when our lives were flipped upside down. In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I share a little bit of how these past 8 years got started. The hardships and loss my family and husband had to endure. Faith was what allowed up to press on. 

It is the time of year to give and receive. Receive. At our biggest low in life when we were living out of a camper, my husband was extremely sick, he wasn’t able to work, I was putting my time into taking care of him, and wasn’t able to provide for the family, we had to receive. 

Between my husband and I, before he got sick, we had always been able to provide and all of a sudden we couldn’t. We were barely getting by. All we could do was receive and it was humiliating. But we were humbled. 

Tune in as I share people who we barely knew, opened up their hearts to us. It is something our family will never forget. In fact, this December, 8 years later, we are paying it forward. I am doing a giveaway for anyone who has really been struggling this year with income loss. If it us you, or someone you know make sure to head on over to my Instagram to check it out! 

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