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Ultra Rare Life

Aug 30, 2021

Being brave can look like a lot of different things. But bravery is not the absence of fear. It's just doing it anyway. There will always be obstacles in life. I’ve faced my fair share. 


It’s the week of my oldest daughter’s wedding and we are so excited to be welcoming Lucas into our family. But like any big day, there are always obstacles. My daughter called me heartbroken that she had to cancel her honeymoon the week of her wedding and replan the WHOLE thing in less than a week all before one of the biggest days of starting a life with someone. 


It really got me thinking of how real leadership is defined in the face of adversity. And so I wanted to share a story of by now you've probably heard of the Pineapple Express. 


In this episode I share how bravery is not the lack of absence of fear, but what it means to do it anyways. I share the nuggets I gathered from hearing about Pineapple Express and what it really means to be brave through adversity. 

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