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Ultra Rare Life

Aug 19, 2021

Kids' mental health. Stress, anxiety, lack of focus, tummy aches, the list goes on. Kids feed off of their parents' tension and stress. Global youth depression & anxiety has DOUBLED this past year! Tune in to Pediatrician, Dr. Kevin Rouse, and Nurse Practitioner, Cindy Wechsler, as they go over holistic solutions that have helped their own patients.  


They share the signs to look for in our kids for depression and what we can do as parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to help those special kiddos in our lives. We even have some of the kids' parents speak about the changes and POSITIVE RESULTS they have seen in their own children and teenagers. 


In the episode of Ultra Rare Life, not only do they share holistic solutions for kids mental health, but they also share holistic solutions for adults and what they do for their own mental health.