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Ultra Rare Life

Aug 24, 2023

Are your kids anxious about going back to school? Are you struggling to get them back onto a sleep pattern after a long summer break? 

Our kids are suffering from the worst mental health crisis we have seen in our lives. Between peer pressure, sports pressure, social media pressure, academic pressure, there is more pressure on our kids than ever before. 

Dr Kevin Rouse does a deep dive into holistic approaches to kids and mental health, and how his patients have positively reacted to the introduction of all natural solutions, from toddler age to college age kids.

Sleep is one of the most important and underrated causes of mental health issues - more than 50% of Dr Rouse’s patients suffer from poor sleep which in turn affects their mental health. 

In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, find out how our Amare kids products will help your kids. 

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