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Ultra Rare Life

Jun 27, 2022

Ep. 95 - The SECRET IS OUT! Balancing Hormones - Dr. Shawn Talbott

Dr Shawn shares his latest & greatest formula that is all about balancing hormones. This is category changing and something no one is talking about, but NEEDS to be addressed.


40% to 50% of people struggle with the problem of having unbalanced hormones. Lack of desire, people feeling blah, men having lack of motivation, menopause, period cycles. Stress and juggling jobs, creer, kids, relationships, home life, leads to people being so exhausted and stressed in this day and age. How can you have a healthy relationship when you’re crabby? Stressed, exhausted, tired?


Dr. Shawn shares the behind the scenes of his newest formulated product “Ignite” and the thousands of year old stories of the ingredients and the science that is now behind HOW and WHY they work.


This is something never before seen and it personally has my mind blown!


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