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Ultra Rare Life

Feb 7, 2022

Prescription to holistic, Sandra Wells spent 30 years as a pharmacist. She shares how the times have changed and dives into what’s really going on in our health care system and why we need to change and be educated on the topic.


A passion for helping and caring for others is what has fueled her and she shares the MISSING piece to our health and HOW we can take care of ourselves better.


Through her life experiences she shares how medicine use to be a last case resort. Now, it's the first thing people turn to. And through watching her grandma grow her own food, take care of herself naturally, and was as healthy as a horse… to watching her mom lean on pills, suffer from leaky gut, and autoimmune disease that could have been prevented, she KNEW turning back holistic was the way to go. 


You will NOT want to miss this.


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