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Ultra Rare Life

Oct 18, 2021

Mental Fitness. What exactly is it and what does it mean? In today’s episode Dr. Shawn Talbott, a leading expert in Mental Fitness discusses the importance of Mental Fitness and why it is something we should know more about. Dr. Talbott talks how Mental Fitness is about flourishing and feeling great. He goes on to discuss that a lot of people just feel “blah,” and WHY that is. He also covers HOW  to get out of that “blah” feeling and get to a place where you actually flourish and feel amazing.

Mental Fitness is about you flourishing, being calm, stress resilient, energized throughout your day & not exhausted, HAPPY - in a good mood, and being motivated to get stuff done. Trust me when I say it is so possible to feel this way… because I focused on my Mental Fitness and the past 5 years I have accomplished more that I could have ever imagined.


Tune in as Dr. Talbott dives into how you can better your Mental Fitness.


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