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Ultra Rare Life

Jul 26, 2021

I recently traveled to New Jersey for business and I always love meeting new people sitting on the airplane. I happened to sit next to this incredibly lovely nurse, and we struck up a conversation that was transformational for me. She gave me the insights of how to build a winning team that she learned from a quadriplegic. The takeaways I learned, I wanted to share with all of you. 


On this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I share the conversations between this nurse and I on the life of a quadriplegic man who truly lived life to the fullest and learned how to build a winning team. Paralyzied from the neck down after a tragic accident this man learned the secrets to a very successful life, both financially, mentally, and team building. 


Tune in as I go over the 5 steps of how he built a winning team and how he became so successful in all he did. They are steps I’ve applied to my own life and you can do the same. 

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