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Ultra Rare Life

Jun 21, 2021

What does it take to find balance and keep momentum during summer? It's safe to admit, it’s the one thing that we all struggle with, summer has distractions. How the heck can you crack the code to find balance, set your priorities, not procrastinate, and keep momentum going in your health, your wealth, your life, and business during the summer?


I’ve struggled with all the above. But, in this episode of Ultra Rare Life, I give you 3 tips that have tremendously changed my life in this specific area and season of summer. These tips have helped me build a successful career, all while I kept, maintained, thrived, and grew a healthy marriage, family, and life. 


Let's make this summer the most productive, relaxing, best time with your family, and the most balanced life you've ever had. That is my prayer for you.

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