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Ultra Rare Life

Jun 14, 2021

Doesn’t it seem like most of us are chasing success? We are a culture that chases success and rightfully so! But, there is a really big piece that is often missed. Tune in to this Episode of Ultra Rare Life, as I go over the missing link and how graffiti can add value to your life.


Why the heck do people graffiti? I was curious and actually googled it. I found that people do it to mark their territory. People do it because sometimes they’re just bored. It gives them a sense of expressing themselves and takes away the feeling of being bored. 


But the question is, does graffiti have a purpose? 

And it DOES!!

When I really started to study graffiti I really started to value something that I wanted to share with you that could add value to your life. 

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