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Ultra Rare Life

Oct 26, 2020

Ep. 47 Sharing my story with Annette Reeder: The Biblical Nutritionist 


In this episode of Ultra Rare Life, it’s a little different from what you normally hear. I had the honor of being featured in the Biblical Nutrition Academy podcast and youtube channel where Annette interviews me and I share me and my husbands journey to an Ultra Rare Life.

Annette Reeder has B.S. Nutrition, ASN, NANP, uses the Bible as her map and leads people all around the country on a treasure hunt with the power of food to change lives.  Her three books, Treasures of Healthy Living, Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual and Healthy Treasures Cookbook, are part of the gear individuals or groups use to reach the ultimate health God designed. As founder of  Designed Healthy Living, her ministry includes Bible studies, Taste & See Conferences, cooking classes and Biblical Wellness Seminars offered in churches. Her degree in Nutrition from Huntington University and diploma in Biblical Studies from Liberty University give her combined insight into how to use the gift of food and health from God's perspective.

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